Chicago – Don’t Want to Miss PART 2

What You Don't Want to Miss in ChicagoPART 2 of What You Don’t Want to Miss in Chicago

Woah there! What you are about to read is part TWO of a super fun series on what you don’t want to miss when you visit Chicago. Haven’t read part one yet? No worries! Start there, then at the end you can follow the link back to read part 2 🙂 (Don’t want you missing anything!)

Read it? Great! Let’s continue…


  1. Catch a Ball Game at Wrigley Field

Chicago Wrigley Field

Before you sports enthusiasts get ahead of me, you don’t have to be a cubs fan to visit Wrigley Field! The ballpark was built in 1914 and it is the SECOND-OLDEST in the majors (after Fenway of course). Remember Babe Ruth’s “called shot” before his homer? (Yeah me either…) And all of the other great moments with famous athletes? The point is that there is tons of history here and even the original scoreboard remains intact! A baseball game is also just great fun for the whole family, so (grab your peanuts and crackerjacks) then try to catch a foul ball for a souvenir! 

Cost: See website for ticket info

Location: 1060 West Addison

Day/Night: Day-Night


  1. Reach New Heights at the Navy Pier

Navy Pier Ferris Wheel

The Navy Pier is a 3,300-foot-long icon for Chicago. It’s a great place to take children due to the carousel, swings, and other kid friendly attractions. There is also shopping, restaurants, and the famous giant ferris wheel. The wheel is actually being reconstructed as a new and improved model set to open this summer. Each gondola will be temperature controlled and able to hold up to 10 people! Perfect for a large family or friend group. My favorite thing about the wheel is the view that you get at the top! It’s a beautiful view of Chicago’s skyline, so don’t forget your camera!

Cost: See website for ticket info

Location: 600 East Grand Avenue

Day/Night: Day

Chicago Navy Pier ferris wheel


  1. Learn Something New at the Museum of Science and Industry

Museum of Science and Industry chicago

Let me start by saying, this is NOT just a kid’s museum. Our research prior to the trip showed that this museum is a crowd favorite. Not surprising! There are so many fun things to see and learn that you could easily spend your entire day there. We watched a baby chick hatch, (I got a video!) and saw amazing technology/creations. There were exhibits on transportation, nature, the human body, and much more. My favorite part was the weather section. It was extremely interactive and had the craziest, yet most brilliant demonstrations for different storms/weather phenomena. However, making it down to the basement to be surprised by a real submarine (the massive U-505) was definitely a highlight of the visit. There are a lot of special exhibits that you can purchase in a package with your ticket such as an on-board tour of the submarine or a visit to the coal mines. We decided not to purchase any extras, but I would recommend it if you have the time/money! This museum, and all of its exhibits, is definitely a must-see.

Cost: $11-child (3-11) $18-adults (not including discounts or the price of packages)

Location: 5700 S. Lake Shore Drive

Day/Night: Day

Museum of Science and Industry- U-505 chicago


  1. Scream While on a Six Flags Rollercoaster

Six Flags is pure fun. Yes, there are others around the U.S., but sometimes your vacation needs less sightseeing and more entertainment. I think that we get so caught up in all of the famous landmarks that we forget how important it is to just relax and have fun! If you’re an adrenaline junkie, Six Flags offers a lot of big rollercoasters. (My personal favorite was X Flight!) But if you have little kids, it’s still packed full of rides that are family and kid friendly. Plus there’s always the Looney Toon characters to take pictures with! If this is something your family would enjoy, then it may be worth the money and short drive! It’s definitely a blast!

Cost: Full price general admission $68.99, but check here for discounts/passes/kid prices

Location: 1 Great America Parkway, Gurnee, IL

Day/Night: Day-Night

chicago X Flight at Six Flags


Whew! You did it! You now know 9 incredible things to do while you’re in the Windy City. I’m sure there’s other great things that we can add to the list, so what do you recommend? Let me know in the comments! Enjoy your visit to Chicago! 🙂
With love,


***all photos were taken by me; due to copyright issues I can’t use the (much better) work of others! Sorry! 🙂

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