Indonesia – 3 Reasons to Visit

Some places just have it all. Adventure, beauty, romance, culture, and so much more! They enchant visitors so easily it will make you wonder why you never traveled here before. I can’t think of a more perfect example than the alluring nation of Indonesia!

Indonesia - 3 Reasons to Visit

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Pack your bags; the vacation of a lifetime is waiting for you! Here’s 3 reasons why you need to travel to Indonesia on your next holiday.


1. Culture

This collection of volcanic islands is rich with history and a unique culture that you can easily immerse yourself in. The nation is home to hundreds of diverse ethnic groups that speak a variety of languages. Some groups still participate in the ancient culture’s traditions and rituals. Check out the highlands of Tana Toraja or Baliem Valley for an up close look. (Just remember to be respectful always!)

Indonesia is also home to two famous ancient temples – the Borobudur and the Prambanan. The land is full of well-preserved ruins of two very different kingdoms. Currently the majority of the population is Muslim, but you can learn a lot about the Hindu and Buddhist people groups that once thrived here.

Indonesia - 3 Reasons to Visit


2. Adventure

If you want to have an exciting trip, then look no further. Indonesia is full of breathtaking volcanoes that you can hike and explore. You can also trek through a jungle. Yes, a REAL jungle. In fact, Bukit lawang is one of just a handful of places where you can observe wild orangutans in their natural, tropical rainforest habitat.

The ocean is also full of adventure. You can snorkel in the cool, clear blue waters or surf in the powerful waves. Some popular spots to surf include Bali, Lombok, Mentawai and Panaitan.


Indonesia - 3 Reasons to Visit


3. Leisure

If you love the water but prefer to have it without the salt and sea creatures, then stay in one of Indonesia’s luxurious hotels. Grand Paradise Lembang hotel is a perfect option for those wanting a sparkling pool as well as the fun of outdoor water slides.

For those wanting a little romance, take a lovely sunset stroll on one of the nation’s pristine beaches or explore the nightlife in the cities. You can even take a dip with your loved one in a volcanic crater lake, Lake Toba. You can also relax, fish, and enjoy the reflection of the mountains on the lake.

Indonesia is jam-packed with fun activities and natural wonders. It’s definitely a destination you don’t want to miss this holiday season. For more tips on how to make it the best vacation yet, read everything you need from Traveloka.

Indonesia - 3 Reasons to Visit

And if you’re from the United States, find out everything you need to know from the Embassy here.

Have you ever visited Indonesia? What was your favorite part? Or if you’ve never been, do you want to now? Let me know in the comments below!

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