Liebster Award

Liebster Award

Liebster Award

I’m so honored and thankful to have received my (actually second) nomination for the Liebster award! It is commonly given to new bloggers from other nominees or more established bloggers. I was nominated by Kelsey, the lovely blogger over at Hipstorical. Thank you for the nomination Kelsey! Here are the kind words that she said about me-

“On her blog Adventures and Kindness, Emily writes about travel and self-improvement, empowering readers to seek adventures and create the fullest life. I absolutely LOVE Emily’s focus on kindness. I have a charm that hangs from my rear view mirror that says “kindness matters” as a daily reminder to choose each day to be kind. Way to go Emily!”

Isn’t she sweet? Go check out her blog for incredible travel advice on a wide variety of destinations!

Here’s a link to the wonderful people who I have nominated for this award- My Liebster Nominees!

And now to answer Kelsey’s questions! 🙂

My Answers

  1. When did you start your travel blog and why?

I started Adventures and Kindness in January! I had been thinking about it since the summer, but I didn’t think I could do it! I learned about the blogging world via Pinterest and it seemed a perfect way utilize my love for writing and passion for travel/self-improvement! My good friend Grace started a blog (I nominated her) and it gave me that last push that I needed to do it myself!

2. How did your childhood, hometown, or upbringing affected or inspired your travel?

My incredible parents played a huge role in my wanderlust! They claim travel as their favorite hobby, and my childhood was filled with fun adventures and opportunities to see the world. I’m so thankful for them and the opportunities that they still generously give me today!

3. I find one of the biggest challenges with being affected by wanderlust is being away from my family. Is this something you struggle with? If so, how do you cope and/or find the balance between traveling to new places and traveling home?

The best solution? Take them with you! I love traveling with my family and I often take them (and my boyfriend/friends) along with me! I think travel is so much more enjoyable when you get to share it with the people who you love!

4. How do you afford travel? What’s one of your tips for saving money for travel?

Most of my opportunities have been gifts from my parents (they are seriously the best) but travel is the reason I got into the freelance writing world! I wanted to be able to afford more trips and have since worked super hard and I’m hoping to one day monetize Adventures and Kindness to further my travel! My big tip is to try not to be a tourist. You’ll save money-saving at a rental place, eating at local restaurants/cooking, and exploring attractions that the locals enjoy!

5. I really love authentic travel experiences where you get to meet the locals and  immerse yourself deeply in the culture of the region you’re visiting. What’s your favorite memory of a really authentic interaction with a local?

Oh my goodness there’s too many to count! When you really get to know the locals, you’re in for the greatest treat. They will show you things and help you in ways that you didn’t even know to realize! I think I got to know the local’s the best in Haiti. I can remember an interaction with a Haitian man at his house where we talked about his beliefs, struggles, and everything in between. Genuine conversation is what it is all about!

6. What’s next on your bucket list?

My next trip is Alaska which I am super pumped about because it’s been on the bucket list for sure! I’d really like to hit the northeast part of Europe as well as Australia and South America!

7. What’s your best travel advice for other travelers?

Put down your phone. Soak up every moment and let your senses take it all in. Definitely take pictures (it helps you remember everything and makes for the best souvenirs) but don’t be afraid to ignore emails/work and just enjoy.

8. What blog are you most proud of?

Adventures and Kindness 🙂

9. If you could have a slumber party or poker party with 3 people, living or dead, who would you choose?

Definitely Emma Watson. She’s my all-time favorite. Then probably J.K. Rowling and Maggie Smith. (Slightly obsessed with Harry Potter if you couldn’t tell)


Don’t forget to check out who I nominated for the Liebster award!

With love,


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