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Welcome! I’m so glad you’re here. My name is Emily, and I’m the writer/owner of Adventures and Kindness. I’m a full-time college student, part-time blogger, full-time wanderluster (is that even a word?), part-time freelance writer, and full-time adventurer. ¬†ūüôāme

First, let me tell you a little bit about Adventures and Kindness.

  • It’s a travel and self-improvement blog.
  • This means that 1/2 the posts that I write are about travel and the other 1/2 are about¬†improving your life and you as a person.
  • Adventures and Kindness wants to¬†inspire¬†you, educate you, and help you live a more fulfilling and satisfied life!

I’m all about community here, and I love getting to know my readers! Please don’t hesitate to comment on posts, connect with me on social media, or contact me (email me about anything-¬†

Where Do I Go From Here?

Read about what interests you!

Interested in travel? Check out my posts on the Grand Canyon, Chicago, or 12 Reasons Why You Should Travel.

Want some kindness inspiration and practical ways to practice it? Check out The Kindness Challenge or 3 Simple Ways to Practice Kindness Today.

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If you’re reading this and thinking where the heck did she get the name for her blog, then check out¬†Why Adventures and Kindness¬†and maybe you’ll understand my crazy thinking. (Let’s hope; it’s worth a try at least!) I’m so excited about my blogging journey, and I’m even more excited to connect with you!

Cheers to turning our ordinary lives into extraordinary ones!

With love,


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