Why You Should Go Eat Ice Cream Right Now

ice cream

Ice cream. You’re already craving it. One look at the picture was all it took. Now you’re imagining the delicious treat, and how your tastebuds will rejoice when they come in contact with it. It’s creamy and smooth. It’s that perfect flavor and mini recipe made just for you.


  1. You Can Customize It Just the Way You Like


There are so many flavors of ice cream. SO many. Which is great, because that means you can create whatever treat you’re feeling right now. Want chocolate? Birthday cake? Pick your all time favorite or be adventurous and pick something new. Like peanut butter? Add some. Like caramel? Hot fudge? Candy? Brownies? Fruit? You can add it! The possibilities are endless when it comes to this delicious treat.


  1. You Can Eat It in Any Season


People who say ice cream can only be eaten in the summer…I’d call them liars. Why? Because ice cream is so good that it can be enjoyed rain or shine, day or night, breakfast or dinner, summer or winter. If you want to restrict yourself to only eating it in the summer, then I’m sorry you want to suffer in that way. Personally, I love eating it year-round. And the great part is, ice cream doesn’t melt as fast in the winter! So while you may be cold, your ice cream is too! Which will just ensure that you get to enjoy every last bite. Just hang out somewhere warm and enjoy!

ice cream


  1. Ice cream is So Light, It’s Basically Air, Right?


This is my philosophy on ice cream- I’m basically eating nothing. Sure the calories printed on the sign or the back of the carton say otherwise, but I’m choosing to believe that it is so light it is like eating air. And air can’t make you fat. Plus you need calories to live. So you’re really just doing your body a favor, right?

ice cream


  1. You Will Be So So So Happy That You Did


It’s so rich and creamy. It tastes amazing. It brings joy and pleasure. And it is so convenient too. You can store it in your fridge or make a quick trip to your nearest ice cream shop. If you get a milkshake or frozen custard, then I forgive you (I love those too). I bet you’re already thinking about the mix-ins that you can add. Do you want a cup? Or a cone? Waffle, cake, or sugar?


These are important life decisions. Your taste buds are ready for the best part of their day. Are you? I think it’s time to go eat some ice cream. 🙂


With love,


ice cream


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4 thoughts on “Why You Should Go Eat Ice Cream Right Now

  1. Cara says:

    I love your view of ice cream being practically air-therefore zero calories haha. I love ice cream and it really does make you feel like a kid again when you eat it! 🙂

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