Worlds of Fun & Oceans of Fun – Kansas City

Kansas City, MO is such a fun and lively city to explore! It’s the perfect place to take a little weekend trip, and it’sย a great family friendly destination. One excellent example of this is its amusement park, Worlds of Fun, and connected water park, Oceans of Fun.

I recently visited Kansas City with my besties to visit our other bestie, and we had such a great time exploring the city! In fact, I’m going to write a post all about what I recommend doing. ๐Ÿ™‚ We spent a full day at these parks though, and it was a blast! Do you want fun that the whole family can enjoy? Plan a trip to Worlds of Fun and Oceans of Fun today using these simple steps! ๐Ÿ™‚

Worlds of Fun Oceans of Fun - Kansas City, MO

STep 1: Buy one ticket for both worlds of fun and oceans of fun

Using the link above, you can easily access a whole page dedicated to various tickets. If you’re traveling in a big group, (family reunion or band trip anyone?) then you can try for a group discounted rate. We purchased daily tickets. $39.99

This 1 ticket gives you access to both the amusement park and the water park. As you can see on the map, it’s easy to walk between the 2 parks. No extra security or ticket swipe needed.

If you buy your ticket online, then you don’t have to worry about printing it out. Just screenshot your ticket from your email on your phone, then you can show it to them when you get to the gate!

the Boomerang

the Boomerang

Step 2: Pack

No worries, you don’t need to break out the dusty suitcase. But here are a few things you might want to pack:

  • sunscreen (stay protected and don’t forget to reapply!)
  • sunglasses (don’t wear them on the roller coasters though!)
  • $$ย (lockers for your stuff at Oceans of Fun cost $15 or more!)
  • swimsuit (we wore one under our clothes)
  • shoes that can get wet (for water raft rides, if desired)
  • cell phone (ticket, pictures, and of course you want to text people)

Optional: backpack or fanny pack to carry everything (my Disney fanny was so handy!)

What we brought but didn’t use: Towels

My friend carried 4 towels in her backpack and we didn’t even need them. ๐Ÿ™ It was so hot that week in June that after the water rides we were wanting to stay a little wet for our last ride in WOF. Although it may be a good idea to bring them, just in case!

Worlds of Fun & Oceans of Fun - Kansas City

Lockers at Oceans of Fun

Step 3: Familiarize Yourself with the Rides

This can seem a little daunting if you’ve never been before. My KC friend was experienced and knew where to take us and what rides we should/shouldn’t go on. Lucky for you, I’ve done all the work already!


*I put the ones my friends and I rode (and recommend!!) ย in orange!

  • don’t go if super scared of heights
  • go if you love big swings, great views of the park, or thrills! *newest ride
  • height requirement: 52 inches
Riding Steel Hawk

Riding Steel Hawk

View from the top of Steel Hawk

View from the top of Steel Hawk

  • go if you love fast rollercoasters that don’t go upside down
  • even if you’re scared of rollercoasters, you can probably do this one! My friend did and fell in love with rollercoasters after it!
  • height requirement: 48 inches
Glimpse of Mamba

Glimpse of Mamba

  • go if you love these kind of spinning rides (often seen at fairs)
  • don’t go if you get sick easily/hate spinning
  • height requirement: 46 inches
  • go if you like big drops and good views
  • don’t go if you hate rides like Tower of Terror in Disney World or Superman in Six Flags (this is a smaller version)
  • height requirement: 48 inches
Fury of the Nile
  • go if you like exciting water rides that involve rafts and not really getting wet
  • also go if you want a ride you can likely do with your whole group
  • don’t go if you absolutely don’t want to get wet
  • height requirement: 46 inches
  • go on these 2 rollercoasters if you like wooden rollercoasters and intense thrills
  • don’t go if you don’t like jerky/aggressive rides
  • height requirement: both 48 inches
Cyclone Sams
  • go on this if you like a thrill
  • don’t go if you hate spinning or flashing lights
  • height requirement: 48 inches
Spinning Dragons
  • go on this if you love thrilling coasters (it rotates freely on the tracks)
  • go if you want something your group can all ride together
  • don’t go if you hate spinning
  • height requirement: 43 inches accompanied or 48 inches alone
Boomerang / Patriot
  • go on these 2 rollercoasters if you like fast coasters that go upside down
  • don’t go if you don’t like going upside down
  • height requirement: 48 for Boomerang and 54 for Patriot
  • I personally thought these were so much fun and highly recommend them!
About to ride the Patriot

About to ride the Patriot

Worlds of Fun & Oceans of Fun - Kansas City

The Patriot

Have kids? There’s tons of family rides! Check them out here.ย Also check out Planet Snoopy for your little ones and Dinosaur’s Alive if you love dinos!



There are SO many fun things to do! Here’s a complete list of everything.

But here’s some stuff you don’t want to miss:

  • the lazy river (Caribbean Cooler)
  • wave pool (Surf City Wave Pool)
  • Captain Kidd’s (if have little kids)
  • Hurricane Falls
  • Monsoon
  • Castaway Cove (adult only pool)

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I can’t wait for you to enjoy your day at Worlds of Fun and Oceans of Fun! Send me an email or leave a comment below if you’ve been and have more suggestions or if you’ve never gone and have some questions! I’m always happy to help my readers get the most out of their trip!

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With love,


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